[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [2018/06/08] Beijing night, chu Fengke strongs and pervasive fragrance (send SIS alone)[building phoenix广州夜生活娱乐论坛JHF address] : 100 child bay[find fragrant time] : 2018/06/08[service project] : KJ, MY, DH[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Yan Zhi 85, figure 80, service 90, manner 95[environmental equipment] : From housing[serve time] : 1h[price level] : 2000p[safety factor] : Did not have an accident even if 100[connection means downloads an address] : Viewthread.php? Tid=7634212&page=1&extra=page%3D1#pid163372588[seek fragrant course] : Was to see a princess originally greatly the card wants to make an appointment with 100 child of bay Chun Xi, when the result restricts time in the evening, she tells myself to have a meal outside, what just meet its are met nevertheless is, a sister that calls Ke Xin just came to Beijing, can make an appointment with her, make an appointment with then. The place that live was not carried, it is the house that special warmth mixes Chun Xi clean, but lat广州夜生活娱乐GFDer should not refinance lives however adjourn. Keep the job of advanced head, small be born is to become this matter for the first time, in the heart complex mood hard with humane also, narrate later say in detail again. Look into the house, ke Xin is the girl that the sort of in a way has some of flesh to feel, body volume is not high, apparel big high-heeled shoes still is done not have small unripe tall, however small be born inside the schoolboy to calculate very short. Take the door suddenly, very sweet greet sb, upright 广州新茶 快餐tea sends water and so on, the manner is first-rate, give a person a kind special, as if to feel into what the home is waited upon by clever cummer, let a person give birth to some of good impression naturally, pulled a distance insensibly. After drink crossed glacial water, little unripe advanced shower room undertakes rushing cool, this weather we all knows Beijing recently, go a little while easy perspiration, small be born is to develop sweat, 2 it is the mood below be pacified, always have some of uneasiness for the first time after all. In affable belt small unripe wash bath, strong cool, after brushing water, ke Xin also shows body to come to the bed, the hair is very long, bottom is being ironed roll, it is sex appeal very. Double breast is not big not small, skill can master, it is the sort of spinous bamboo shoot appearance, knead hold it is particularly good to rise. Go up personally somewhat fleshy feeling, feeling is comfortable very. Small be born to have some of insecurity as before right now, ke Xin chuckle is worn accost I lay down enjoy a service. It is the mouth says sweet tongue first light kiss is small before unripe bosom, this place is small unripe sensitive belt, the ormosia that experiencing double breast is soft soft slide in small unripe abdomen, lick with the kiss before the bosom, little brother stands at a draught rose, then Ke Xin opens small mouth, my high-spirited place a get down, special stick-to-itive, little and live with warmth and limp bundle it, small although,be born before never had done, but also can feel skill is first-rate, be without tine feeling, only patient softness squashs, return occasional to kiss the descendants bag below drag gently, the feels special club of serve of this kind of bedding and clothing. After this a little while, small be born not to make stop, ke Xin uses the mouth ceaselessly to undertake fluctuating taking in and send out in large quantities, small unripe cannot bear but person too overworked, put forward to begin formal campaign then. In front respecting, small giving birth to this is first activity, unavoidable mentally has some of worry, when openly missionary posture, because small unripe prefer slant thin, qing Chun, lumbar limb fine girl, and Ke Xin slants again fleshy feeling, accordingly at the moment has some of interest suddenly low, wait for little brother to cover on filmy, inside the system that enters the warmth inside metamer first, and from Lu completely different feeling makes me a little fancy, but right now, small unripe begin to lose face, be

cause,knowing is small unripe more the hobby slants the cause of poor clear pure girl, or Lu is too much make the sense tightening band that brings into the feeling inside body to be inferior to using hand control strong, small unripe selective examination after moment soft come down, there is a bank in the heart, the investment that do not have a law goes in, right now small unripe special dismay, can strong and pervasive fragrance however the little sister is comforted softly small unripe, stimulate little strange sensitive place, alternate again later means. Be in all the time during fine fine groan, keep in a low voice crying ” elder brother ” , let a person become aware th广州夜生活网EDSe move is particularly clever and lovely. Small be born to weigh Zhen Xiongfeng then, final Ke Xin is being licked at the same time small unripe earlobe, chafing with breast of soft young any of several hot spice plants at the same time small unripe body, small the stimulation that is born to strengthen little brother with the right hand, erupted. Overall for, the mood is particularly good, if serving, small before be born, also had not experienced other, should calculate very pretty good, appearance and figure do not calculate small give birth to favorite kind to buckle cent somewhat, but did not compare right, so the small perhaps unripe on the low side that make component also perhaps, the photograph sees accessory. Video exceeds size, how is the mobile phone compressed also do not pass. The brother that like tender flesh sense can try, just come to Beijing, do not know to want to wait for how long, everybody can clutch. Want to contact means according to佛山桑拿论坛0757 the princess greatly management, reply and have hearts, choose give. Choose give.. This card is final by contemplative force at 2018-6-9 19:03 editors3 editorsAccessoryMmexport1528542132999.jpg(89.55 KB)2018-6-9 19:02Grading records this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 120No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2018-6-9 07:19