[Guangzhou city] [test and verify] [2018-5-6] water tender girl is sweet near Yan Tang of Guangzhou of test and verify (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : Near Guangzhou swallow pond[find fragrant time] : 2018-5-6[service project] : Tongue a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, wave is pushed, XCZ[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : 85 minutes[environmental equipment] : Good, neat, clean[serve time] : Inside 50 minutes[price level] : 500/1Q, 800/60 minute do not be restricted second, 1000/90 minute do not be restricted second, 1200/120 minute do not be restricted second, 1800/ wraps evening (3)[safety factor] : Normal residence village, the doorway has security personnel, want to brush card or be registered into the door[contact means] : Viewthread.php? Tid=7587627&page=1#pid162421027[seek fragrant course] : Above all, want to thank stage of Max_snake elder brother, began last year, max elder brother is I search joyous vane in forum all the time, our taste resembles the likelihood quite, pay attention to Yanzhi and leg, should thank him well really so all the time since share and visit district. Before thanking your ~ two weeks, my forum Zhang number appeared to nod an accident, until the day before yesterday ability is resumptive, excitement is had his heart filled with after landing, will visit Lou Feng area for a short while, see Max elder brother has buy top card, I know to good tea was drunk. Good, enter formal course to recountSee a card the first reaction — disastrous ah! This side colour, this leg, this must try. Added a little sister that day, commercial hold up, replied very quickly, likelihood the person is more, can compare the time after leaning to in the evening about only, little sister business is quite good, just began to see time is a bit late, plan to be made an appointment with again the following day, but the sister said to rest the following day, want to wait for a week, good, I bore time behind schedule. After conventional time arrives, inform a little sister, it is very fast reply, this thinking the meeting very long, waited 5 minutes to knew to be able to go up with respect to the accused in village doorway as a result. When entering a village, security personnel asks reason, saying is to visit a friend, the requirement wants to register, I made up a few times foolishly a name, blind a few write down mobile phone and Id, went in as other resident next. Doorway of the village in floor of little sister seat is very long, bend arrived. Basis before experience, a call is made with the little sister before receiving lift, tall first floor of the choice on floor is low perhaps first floor, walk along through sparking stair. Not second this process exceeds fear, because stair of most fire accidentally is very black dirty, do not have method, to search joyous, this nods risk or avoid. The little sister sees after taking the door, have certain difference with photo, photo is United飞机夜广州论坛首页 States colour, the skin of what still have difference with the photograph, appearance, it is OK to still calculate, lose face it is in caboodle can of settle on eye the sort of. Figure probably 165 the left and right sides, wore the shoe of very high waterproof table that evening, appear particularly tall so. The eye does not have a photograph in big, double leg does not calculate thick, but red without the net also the sort of slightness arrives close to exaggerated degree. Because of him profession reason, little sister that evening makeup change so that be no good really, a lot of change a fault, bring about a lot of places that she has an advantage to was not shown come out. If dress is mixed,notice on makeup look, the first impression has met the likelihood ~After this price and appearance appearance were being accepted in the heart, simple commerce flatters a few, next consign curricular money, took off the dress to go in severally toilet rinse. Bathing process is in the quadrature in compasses, at least is to me such, should wash have wash, not other and additional other. After be being washed, be to use paper towel to brush a body, use towel compared with those, set one’s mind at a lot of. After go to bed, the little sister lets me bend over to go up in the bed first, the face is sticking the pillow of the bed, can smell an apparent shampoo flavour. A hot water was contained in little sister mouth next, begin a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, tell the truth, this service never has tried before me, feel very fresh so, very bright. The little sister’s tongue is very agile, murmur murmur ground, very comfortable have a feeling very much, this is nodded very but assist. A popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck finishs after the reverse side, make the face, arrive next little brother area, because little younger brother is very sen深圳新茶论坛sitive, be afraid of urticant be afraid of flinch, the process that kisses little little brother so let her omit. After obtaining a little sister to agree, I let her lay down come, I begin to dally with her bosom, kiss a neck, touch ham inside, the hand serves next her north self-consciously later, regrettablly the little sister does not let much lane, in a way is touched touch, she can put away your hand, my take advantage of an opportunity holds her end, quite solid, have feel quite, ground of one hold up moves toward finger circuit again pussy area, the result is come down by little sister intercept again. So, I had not wetted her, was prevented many times, my interest also was done not have, go further after all force uninteresting. Say here, the little sister’s skin slips mediumly without my imagination tender, what also do not have general and young girl is close send. The little sister pulls this to say that ground alludes my wearing to cover later did, wait tim广州桑拿夜网论坛ERGe on time after all not early also, myself also will go to work even tomorrow, cover on the belt then carry a gun to enter the court. Sound of the little sister making a bed very ” cummer ” , it is hum hum ah ah very light, very soft the sort of, unlike some Lou Feng, say some ” do me ” ” very big ” ” very comfortable ” of and so on, my individual holds out what do not like actually, feel a bit false. The likelihood because the little sister is too thin, alvine flesh is not too much, knock can be knocked to arrive in the center of above the little sister’s pussy directly when exerting oneself to do sth. the top goes in a bit pubic, oneself are a bit painful also. After all age is young, the little sister’s bottom is very comfortable still, wrap up feels very enough also, too won’t wet slip, also not be very dry the sort of, overall be comfortable. We are used at the beginning ride by, my both hands grasps the little sister’s bosom, not quite, b left and right sides, nipple also is not very dash forward the sor

t of, a bit small even, when be being bitten so, mouthfeel is general. After the little sister became tired, I continue with missionary type, a hand dallies with little sister bosom, use finger to make a group in little sister abdomen single-handed additionally, likelihood today’s guest compares the little sister much, susceptibility dropped or how, I see she does not have the reaction with ultra what, then my passion also decreased general. Change old man go-cart finally, both hands dallies with bosom as always, before nevertheless strength is compared big, catch the little sister may be a bit deeply, before the cry is compared bit more hurri中山市品茶上课群ed, before volume also is compared big, used continuously 10 will below a few times be inserted greatly, give ammunition. The tender towel that use 目前番禺各大zj地点paper handled the little sister to cover cover and clear simply with wet paper towel little little brother, I was entered as always virtuous person mode, at a loose end and little sister be favored with are done not have to force during be favored with, chatting to talk about that, the little sister professes is Sichuan person, but I and she says she does not have Sichuan word too respond my ~ I am holding a little sister in the arms to lay on the bed to rest 10 minutes or so, the sister says she still has a guest, I get dressed with respect to ground of know how to behave in a delicate situation, go person! Sum up: This price, guangzhou area, this Yan Zhi, this serves, be worth to try! Price of absolutely not let sb down. Price of absolutely not let sb down.. This card is final by person of ghost cultivate duty at 2018-5-8 21:54 editors4 editorsGrading records this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 180No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2018-5-10 04:05