[Beijing] [achieve formerly] [June 2, 2020] sauce of Komai of experience Japan girl (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : Visit capital[find fragrant time] : By May 2020[service project] : ZF, SW, PY, KH, DH[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : 90/100[environmental equipment] : 90/100[serve time] : 60min[price level] : 2200/P, 3800/P, 5200/YE[safety factor] : Do not go the safest[does connection means download an address] [Bbs]viewthread.php? Tid=8639977&page=1#pid182975252[/bbs][seek fragrant course] : Before keeping a post, still say: 1) the resource of this girl I amFrom economy that must come, from economy that must come, from economy that must come, Important thing says 3 times, so I also can offer connection way only economic means, mind do not add. 3) somebody suspects I am intermediary or still be economy additionally, I feel to say too much uninteresting also, if feel I am economy,pushing him girl, you can look for what the economy of at hand understands economy to run way, perhaps ask when experiencing a girl whether the girl hangs economy, same the girl won’t hang an economy only, I can say Bobby may hang economy only, but Huizi and 1000 beautiful jade treasure and Xia Na, you won’t see over any economy. 4) give everybody popular science additionally of economy run way, in order to satisfy everybody’s curiosity and the means that discriminate economy, there is the girl that oneself run on economic hand, the resource of all girls is from take over there each boss, next economy can look for a guest to push send resource, make a price difference, have some of economy so when giving your girl school timetable, the meeting in school timetable shows 9, egret home, here 9 with egret the name that is a boss, so you seek a few economy, the resource in their hand is similar or duplicate. 5) about beautiful jade treasure, bobby asks everybody to consult with 1000 Hui Zi’s doubt on stick. Good, said so much, just also hope everybody does not have too much suspicion to my identity, some people ask me why resource so much, I join a group old, have the medium of communication of myself naturally, I write here if economy is pushed, I will be special tag, ask everybody to read a card carefully, do not see photograph and connection way only, my code word is very painstaking also. Good, that below us attended class formally, ask everybody to adjust seat back of a chair, pack up teapoy board, ha. : Connection means of the girl, I am from what must come over there economy, this economy is a belle economy, had cooperated a few times, overall humanness is enthusiastic, rely on chart, also won’t resemble other economy everyday your friend encircles mad bomb. Additionally experience time will be May bottom, should be a week left and right sides before experiencing beautiful jade treasure, but caption I go to the lavatory for everybody comb, wrote June 2. The girl comes over from friendly nation Japan, what Chinese says is general, meet only probably simple, be being communicated 广州夜生活娱乐NFDso is not very smooth (my N5 level is dealt with quite far from, deal with 1000 benefit child meaning of within an inch of) , ask authority so translation software of provide for oneself. Decided time with the girl, I take a taxi went, visit capital I had stayed old, of do something one knows well found, push the door and enter, girl dress kimono receives you, this is true kimono (this can say with economy ahead of schedule) , the girl’s room should be boss arrangement, overall for OK still, but according to Japanese girl do a habit, won’t so in a popular style, can have oneself color. Height of range estimation girl 162 the left and right sides, this is in Japanese girl for not short, if like what the figure carries particularly high, the proposal of 180+ looks for action people, do this Gao Mei technically perhaps, I had seen a few through the picture (the height of compatriots is in 185 above, but honest Hold does not live, did not make an appointment with) . Mix later girl chat a few, basic your what time comes, what moment goes back, like China, but you know, the disposition of Japanese won’t be mixed absolutely your sing a different tune, asking what is good, good, good, first-rate. Bathe later with the girl together, underwear is not worn inside kimono as expected, nevertheless it seems is worn rise very should troublesome, the shower room is not big, but still calculate clean, the technique of the girl that accompany bath is good, each respects can help you be washed, won’t perfunctory you, just won’t flirt in bathroom and you. The wipe up after be being was蒲友论坛广州2020hed came to a bedroom, bedroom light as always dim, began a service next, basic service wants you to ask the girl won’t refuse only, OK also glossal kiss, of course the meaning that you must let her understand you. Of the service very meticulous, also very attentively, type of day type Guan can be nodded, overall for still be a service is. The service is over even if wear set, next shifty, it is psychological feeling nevertheless, always resemble actorring or actress with AV daughter in bang, the girl’s cry also very resemble filming the spot, also knowing is really false, him everybody feels. After changing a few kinds of postures, come to an end. (bang bang bang this process not in that way, I am to won’t be written really) . After coming to an end, hand mouth mobile phone uses chat simply with the girl, the girl makes small dance (Komai) , the surname calculates big last name in Japan (small dance with sth in one’s hands is true name, the surname is similar to Chinese king, piece this kind gains ground degree) , won’t wash like drive hand, this plants ghost well opposite and talk is smaller numerous. Stay only in China very short time, saying is to come to China travel, like China and Chinese man very much, consider an experience so (this is compared… … … it is good to listen) , the fellow student that considers an experience so makes the best of time please, price respect also does not calculate too expensive. Girl advantage: If Japanese of your meeting site is very conversable, service consciousness is good, each respect very cooperate, tha广州花名录t bit of Chinese that she meets is not sent basically on use. Girl defect: Stature does not calculate tall, but do not calculate in Japan short, you went to time of Japan knowing the average height of Japanese girl (perhaps go wading Chengdu is experienced below) , the tit is not big, b+- – > between C, CUP computation of Japan and China are different, so you see the F that writes on the film, g CUP can explain the bosom is not small only, but cannot the formula of apply mechanically China. Write a summary finally, how to say, the girl of Si Lafu nation also has experienced before, clique of bold and unconstrained, with girl of my East Asia (Sino-Japanese Han) the feeling is different still, japanese girl besides the manner very beyond Wen Wan, also mix Chinese girl difference is not big, refer in particular to south, northeast stay of proceedings cool or the style of Beijing ferry old girl is very disparate still, write so much, speci佛山桑拿飞机网fic see a picture, the photograph affirms United States colour, I can say the difference does not calculate only too big, but you should look for a p

icture exactly like, I reckon you must be drawn out more again thousands of look for periphery, of course periphery and picture also have difference. Still having is to need not feel what is a country win honour for of what, from the point of all sorts of levels, itself of bang ba广州夜生活娱乐论坛JHFng bang is mixed maly namely female, who be indifferent to to go up who, but from the point of the amount, the Chinese man that the foreign girl that you had gotten on affirms to without the foreign country the girl has gone up is much, everybody is so happy good. [Hide] 0603_1.jpg (78.37 KB)2020-6-5 11:42[/ Hide][/ Hide] This post flows at 2020-6-5 11:4 by hill high water finally2 editors2 editorsGrading records this note recentlyHill Gao Shui flowsGold coin+ 168Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2020-6-5 11:44Hill Gao Shui flowsFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2020-6-5 11:44