[Shanghai] [achieve formerly] [June 10, 2020] recall erst, experience price ceiling (send SIS alone) (3P)[building phoenix address] : Hotel of sweet case lira[find fragrant time] : July 15, 2019[service project] : SF, PY, KH, SW, DH[building phoenix amount] : 2[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : 95/100[environmental equipment] : 95/100[serve time] : 90 minutes[price level] : 10K/PP, without other option, do not wrap evening[safety factor] : 5 stars hotel is very safe still[does connection means download an address] [Bbs]viewthread.php? Tid=8646024&page=1#pid183066671[/bbs][seek fragrant course] : Before writing text, still be convention, comb first: 1) beautiful jade treasure is formal already begin school, everybody can begin to make an appointment with, beautiful jade treasure receives the hair again went back, still be the modelling before so, actually I feel bingle pretty is lovely. 2) about elder sister of Xiamen Airline small sky, this identity I am bad also to say, I can be in only as far as possible the test and verify inside limits, coming is not true then, this tell very hard, employee’s card can make a holiday, unless you call Xiamen airline, sign up for work number next, nevertheless airline won’t tell you for certain, so everybody is measured by oneself. (I still am in in those days mouth of boreal external door spends the 20 student’s identification card outside doing a north, go travelling tourist attraction half price ah, partial cinema also half price, the hotel opens a room to do not have privilege however) . 3) Japanese girl does not have what what can say

, should write wrote, everybody is compared by oneself. Good, text begins below: Economy of high end of my another whole nation shifts this resource directly, saying was to come new money, just be in Shanghai, do not be in Beijing, ask I have the plan that comes to Shanghai recently, originally my plan bussiness trip should go to Shenzhen, the leader had new arrangement later, I go to Shanghai be being done to the person with respect to the choice groomed. Somebody is curious my job, this bad to say, I can say I am in only car look forward to, as to it is homebred, day goodness, everybody did not examine minutely too much, I namely the person that work, move a brick to the boss every day just. Next I decided the journey, fly to Shanghai, the economy before taking off gives the video that sent a girl, look to have distinguishing feature very much as expected (there is 20 in my hand many economy, high school is small have, but I am not every economy is made an appointment with, all sorts of archives it is good to have what often make an appointment with, with economic be on speaking terms, had Xin Dongdong to be met tell you for a short while, also be promote high quality service. ) before high-end economy adds a person commonly, can make an admission, next deposit makes an appointment, specific talk with economy. Fly to Shanghai midday, did to be entered to the hotel, the company is given hotel, the hotel that the company can decide place had been compared commonly (5 stars class) , and it is one person (big bed room) , won’t let you and colleague live a standard, still be this bit very close. After be being entered, a lunch ate in the hotel, go afternoon inn of the static 4S that b广州品茶微信ring a district was done to the salesperson groom, what explained the new car that is about to appear on the market in detail is new sell dot and new and high technology, of 4S inn still be very good-looking downstage, as expected southern girl is different. Come to an end I reply a public house, the personnel of colleague and 4S inn goes KTV sang, I am opposite this all along interest of it doesn’t matter, reply a public house, take skill machine and economy to chat, see a picture, discovered these two girls, have distinguishing feature very much, I like, it is OK that economy says tes广州蒲友论坛t and verify, id also check scheme looked to me, deciding is true Twins, economy says a girl is short only leave, won’t do very long. Next the deposit that I paid 1K, tell economic hotel the position, silent await. After half hours, the phone rings, between girl respecting elevator, I went down to receive, two girls grow those who get Dou Tingluo Li, it is the kind that I like, grow particularly to resemble, should be true. Return house inside, chat simply with the girl, the girl says is to just was entered row before long, make a period of time, earned dot piece money to be not done, and say the price is not low also, the person that makes an appointment with so also is not too much, and if the guest is 2 people, seem to be not received, do not know true and false. Next I enter subject with respect to preparation, go together with two girls the bathroom is washed, the sense of hotel of 5 stars class is good still, the shower room is very big, still have a big bath crock, nevertheless I do not like bubble bath commonly, rush with the girl, left hand right hand each one sense is really good, wash come out, I want to come of a true person edition ” everybody will find fault ” , as expected even if is twin, still be discrepant, there is a mole on the elder sister’s clavicle, the little sister is done not have, such very good resolution. Next go to bed, began simple service, actually high end / the service of periphery is true not how appearance, if it were not for grows well, perhaps have distinguishing feature, not worth really, nevertheless some people are colour accuse, bad also to say what. Look at the service of cool exert to one’s utmost of two husband’s younger sister, had a feeling gradually, wear next set, want to be mixed first who, long honour orderly, still had begun from the elder sister first, the elder sister’s cry is greater, more devoted also, a shipment is entered after, rested a little while next, change set begin a little sister, the little sister is very bashful, in a low voice chirp, still be the elder sister is put so that leave quite as expected. (here says, the girl does not agree to be not changed cover this to insert, that disclose, this is a regret, experience is less than another happy, before crossing me Shuang Fei when, also had tried, the sense is very common also, look to film and sense of reality suffer or have difference as expected) . After coming to an end, be washed again, next the girl says hunger, I also did not have dinner, the guest room that made a public house sends eat the service, after all I also am taking twin of pair of trailing plants Li to go out to eat unlikely, that others must think me how, in case acquaintance of the meet unexpectedly on the road, good awkwardness. Eat a meal, chatted a little while again, the girl says to entertain guests for acknowledgment, can two people use mouth and hand to let me be released again together, I see the body, feel or calculated, brother already very tired, the girl sends to go after one person will answer a tongue to kiss money. See the wallet with shrivelled instant, lie on hotel bed, endless empty. (after knowing everybody to be made an appointment with, have this kind of feeling, I choose what the hotel comes to serve every time is this kind of feeling, and I also can’t well choose to wrap eveni蒲友论坛广州2020ng commonly, individual except) . Because mix economy is riper, economy still gives hit those who fold, nevertheless I calculate, add this dinner, also mix did not hit fold about the same, 10K, the instant was done not have. The girl does not let take a picture, so economy gives the picture, what actually economy gives is video, so I from the cut in video a graph, him everybody looks, means is economy, what economy does is the high-end periphery of countrywide property, basic it is 3K rises, one general, second line, provincial capital ci广州市桑拿网ty has, everybody can choose by oneself, as to this pair of twin, should be dead, after all a year, I write a memor广州娱乐网y to stick namely, souvenir issues my parting youth. 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