Beijing [achieve formerly] [in April 2018] silk of Hui Xinxi street is sufficient fine jade fine jade (send Sis alone) [4P] Edition advocate leave a messageClear picture of lane having dance (2018-4-27 17:45) : The picture of Qq space cannot show, can upload forum directly [building phoenix address] : ? Is Dang contraction Gu worth dimple  ? [find fragrant time] : In April 2018[service project] : 全国茶资源信息Accompany bath, silk oil of sufficient, essence is massaged, mouth, do[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Appearance appearance 80, figure 90, technology 85, manner 90, service 90, bosom 80[environmental equipment] : Environment sincerely pretty good, clean and neat[serve time] : Round-the-clock[price level] : 600P, 1000PP[safety factor] : 90[download address] : Viewthread.php? Tid=7579841&page=1&extra=page%3D1#pid162307883[seek fragrant course] : State oneself can write Huang Wen not quite above all, this girl is to be in rely on chart group in add, because,the girl arrives very hard about very fire, this still the head is made an appointment with one day ahead of schedule, good that day not easy when come off work to be being caught up with blow fresh gale, fortunately the car drives to approach destination continuously, arrive appoint a place to contact a little sister, the place is very good search, see into the door the girl grows commonly person but the figure is very good, a suit professional clothing is black silk is very sexy, of interior decoration very sweet also, have emotional appeal, talked about a few simply to rush simply to did not call a little sister to accompany because of before he come, been wash, wash wipe go to bed, massage and what filar sufficient little sister does is very serious, can feel before is professional silk sufficient massage, b face is finished change A face little sister to show the bosom is pushed very comfortable, was over to use silk sufficient had delimited all over, final silk is sufficient fall on little little brother sufficient hand in, little sister foot is very agile s

ufficient hand in do reach the designated position, finish these continueing the mouth is vivid. Of little sister mouth bright does not have tine feeling, it is not to make stop really ceaseless, mouth probably 5 minutes this is little little brother has been can’ted restrain wear a raincoat to approach a theme continuously0757佛山飞机按摩论坛 then, it is female first go up what here s佛山蒲典ays little sister skin is true is very good, delicate very slippery feel very belt feeling, male there is a little sister when going up two grow the bright with long filar true leg, an essence of life is entered after finally, feel into the buttock after the little sister very slippery also very comfortable, come to an end very the little sister lay on the bed to talk about a day a little while to dress person. Summary: The little sister grows commonly person, the person that the person that do not cross this kind of thing benevolence sees Ren Zhi sees wisdom, the service does not have say, the service accuses and silk is sufficient accuse to cannot be missed, should say bad is a little sister some words consumptive disease, overall and very good. Overall and very good.. This card is final by clear picture of lane having dance at 2018-5-8 14:45 editors5 editorsGrading reco广州夜生活娱乐DFGrds this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 70Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2018-4-28 08:06XbeckFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blow广州娱乐s hard2018-4-28 08:06