[Beijing] [on Feburary 21, 2018] Fei of belle of big tit of small measure of double well of test and verify (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : Double well[time of test and verify] : On Feburary 21, 2018[service project] : Aid bath, uniform, massage, push oil, show slippery, silk is sufficient, roam, plane, bosom is pushed[building phoenix amount] : 1[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Appearance 90, figure 93, quality 90, service 90[environmental equipment] : 90[recieve time] : 90 minutes[price level] : 500, 700, 900[safety factor] : 99[download address] : Viewthread.php? Tid=7496715&page=1&extra=page%3D1#pid160608886Send test and verify to stick for the first time, want to return a bit small excited. The person that jar rambles to see backlighting before greatly Fei of test and verify card, times be interested, take connection kind then, first the 61 tall iron that left capital early greatly, gallop all the way double well, the result arrives downstair Fei just just got up, ha, saying is just slept at 5 o’clock before today, alarm clock did not hear in the morning have evening so, do what the wolf still feels embarrassed quite smally. This is bagatelle, in all round turn, considering Fei just got up, convenience inn bought dot breakfast to her near go round, followed direct to get on a building next. See Fei into the door, a bit small still Jing is colourful, differ with the photograph very few,广州品茶论坛VDS and the figure is good really, those who do not have say. Fei it is Hunan girl, conv

ersation is soft soft, leo, do not have on disposition say. Look at time quite early still, accompanied a girl to talk about meeting day into house hind, just rise change clothes go developing a bath, the Fei in process of strong of course bath also can help you carefully wash clean, the mood is good. Come to an end the girl changes filar hose, condole takes night clothes, begin formal service. Since came, then small wolf was to choose the most valuable service of course. Process small wolf not dilatancy, chat to enjoy Fei at the same time at the same time light approach twists slow, still have a girl of course the become known hare of that pure natural free from contamination, it is highest grade really, big white soft, and Fei the f广州桑拿夜网HRDrequency that won’t come up to be pushed to you is particularly fast, if you do not want to shoot, the little sister can serve all the time absolutely go down. Of course we 广州桑拿狼友网also cannot tired little sister is not, feel about the same, also do not control oneself, the rhythm that follows a little sister was released. What let small wolf find both funny and annoying nevertheless is, when after the event is holding a little sister in the arms to saying lovers’ prattle refection, the little sister’s hand still is playing the little little brother of small wolf all the time, still say to like to play soft, soft amused, how can I do, I am very helpless also. Rested a little while, developed a bath together with the little sister, wrapping bath towel to sit in sitting room edge to follow Fei bicker edge sees her eat breakfast (at that time fast at 12 o’clock, also cannot make breakfast) , ineffable and gutty the feeling that gets along with female tick广州桑拿信息论坛THDet, resembling not at all is to come out to look for LF, it is a good girl really, want to cherish. Say final广州佛山桑拿论坛ly, fei here lives without the mouth and live greatly, suit to like the wolf friend of small measure, want mouth and old wolf friend, still do not annoy a girl. To this price, opinions differ from each other, at least experience of small wolf pursuit and quality, still be this very satisfactory, small letter turned 1000 in the past, come out more should be the red package that includes to the little sister, after all the little sister spends the New Year to still stand fast in the Supreme Being, also be pretty hardship. Also be pretty hardship.. This card is final by Xbeck at 2018-2-22 07:20 editors0 editorsGrading records this note recentlyXbeckGold coin+ 80No matter whether you accept red Bao Jing to go up! 2018-2-22 07:17