[Beijing] [test and verify] [on September 15, 2017] the fine of the heaven that Lan of test and verify recommends greatly red bed of water mill of domestic Guan

type[building phoenix address] : 10 lis of rivers answer double well the station austral Long Guanbei Beijing depends on the position of the girl that you contact at that time[find fragrant time] : On September 15, 2017[service project] : Detailed sees picture Dongguan complete set I am more special today enjoyed water bed only today all sorts of massage all sorts of pushing KH DH[building phoenix amount] : 4-5 person[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : Average appearance appearance 80, figure 85, technology 90, manner 90, service 90[environmental equipment] : Branch branch is in today 10 lis of rivers a big house is o0757佛山js论坛f all kinds establishment is all ready village security is very good waited a little while to just accordingly what entrance guard gets stuck go in outside[serve time] : 60min 90min finishs one set general not clutch is worn time does not urge a person[price level] : 498 898[safety factor] : Tall doorway still has photograph like the head[former post address] : Thread-7286734-1-1.html[contact means] : See Yuan Tie, or illicit letter[seek fragrant course] : Thank the introduction with big LAN above all, too impatient to wait should go today test and verify, but tighten actually quite between climate todayOutpace goes entering a village to get on a building according to the directive later. I took the door, branch branch bee广州品茶上课资源n wearinging student outfit to be received asideI. After going in, to me strip begins water bed next (was opposite the house is old really look I am well to envy! ! ! )I let lay down later wash first next Xt buttock pushs breast after waiting, can work or Kb I am by the mouth not sensitive hold out so to livin广州桑拿夜网gBe in all the time mouth… thinking finally is me too nervous did not unlock branch branch to be in all the time however let me loosen… nextBegan to be done a little while change a mouth again finally next Kb very bright, her mouth work is very good, wash severally after manner it may not be a bad idea oneWash lying to still have Japanese Av to the bed I am developing the formula of 900 originally, but discover bright is over a bit tired, I say to the girl, go out the 2nd times to did not calculate, you are massaged normally wentThe girl is very good say not to importune the word that do上海喝茶资源论坛es not mean to calculate first became good saying normally is not to include water bed I those also am breath out to living quiteNext settle accounts shows a personAs a whole what pretty good bosom did not imagine the very good figure with true attitude of attending to guests is big I want to make an appointment with Nan Nan originally but be like her is to answering Long Guantai far can give uNext time condition can try very much againNeed contacts means to had better look for Lan to be asked for greatlyOK also illicit letter my convention still should rely on chart nevertheless some good boss is quite honest do not put others dove to go IMG_0429.JPG (718.86 KB)Graceful2017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0430.JPG (752.67 KB)Graceful2017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0431.JPG (165.88 KB)Beautiful2017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0432.JPG (125.58 KB)Beautiful2017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0433.JPG (657.02 KB)Branch2017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0435.JPG (551.51 KB)Nan Nan2广州夜网论坛BVF017-9-15 17:23 IMG_0437.JPG (421.91 KB)Nan Nan2017-9-15 17:233 This card is final by fair Jin of the color in color at 2017-10-2 21:11 editor1 editorGrading records this note recentlyFair Jin of the color in colorGold coin+ 80Article of test and verify2017-9-15 21:06