[Guangzhou city] [achieve formerly] [2017.05.18] of Guangzhou see ~20 year old new natural resources is shared (send SIS alone)[building phoenix address] : Guangzhou sea bead area 10 thousand countries near square[find fragrant time] : 2017.05.18[service project] : X;C;Z[building phoenix amount] : 1~2 person[Lou Fengsu is qualitative] : 90 minutes[environmental equipment] : 80 minutes[serve time] : Inside 50 minutes[price level] : 400/Q; 800/2Q[safety factor] : Was not checked to be safe[download address] ; Viewthread.php? Tid=7134263&page=1#pid149462178[seek fragrant course] : Since small last year elegant (tattoo the skin elegant ~ has the introduction in another my card) after leaving solo flight, I did not step sufficient Changjiang Delta basically also take on the west, now and then run to other place to eat bit of snack to a广州品茶论坛DFBlso calculate. Beautiful a few days ago beautiful that eldest sister sends piece of picture accost again I, at the beginning I am to not be willing to open a picture to look, because she is slower to the feeling of schoolgirl appearance appearance, so I am interested not quite. But later hand incomplete ~~~ hand incomplete! ! I opened a picture to looked! Destroy 3 concept, unexpectedly this she looked for a comely girl, still tell me this year ability is 20 fabaceous beans girl years old, c-CUP, call me to examine goods! Ought not t全国凤凰楼信息网o go really ah ~~~ ! Still can not keep back as a result went (emphasizing me again is appearance association) , still广州水磨SPA水疗 be that gate, still be that room, knocked the door to enter room, see the girl sits to go up in sofa, I was laughing at at sight of to stand, appearance and photograph did not part oh, true height is in range estimation 1.6 the left and right sides, figure it doesn’t matter flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married slants thin, body proportion is better, the leg is quite long, so young still girl is sent more closely. Entered a room, girl and I chat to helped me take off the dress to still be given at the same time at the same time came towel, getting me to be cleaned into the bathroom next, the girl’s finger is quite long and thin, look at very comfortable, and when helping small Ding Ding knead bath to breed very comfortable also, assist! Lay go to bed, held a girl in the arms to knead her a little all over ability to begin to let her make a service, because of new personality, when be being blown so, can blow now and then, because be added by me when 佛山蒲典69 postures,be fabaceous beans is added probably too bright control does not live ~ is breathed out, also with respect to a few minutes of girl

s wet soft, take the chance to carry cover on the gun from hind crossed go up, from hind holding the C-CUP that the girl is full of flexibility twice in the palm, knead RT one side to be entered shallowly greatly at the same time result, changed two postures next, settled a battle with traditional position finally, the battle ends, brush a body to holding a girl in the arms to chat a few minutes again each other with respect to change clothes of a bath. Full study charge pays to leave after past another room and eldest sister head chatted a little while to praise her grade rises somewhat incidentally at will next, the service that although do not have beautiful,beautifuls as a whole is so much, but young skin good and it is a 19 younger sister, the individual think广州夜网MHGs the value returns the price of a ticket. Because time is driven quite,do not have there’s still time this to call a girl to take attestation picture so, can fill again in the past next time only, ah it is OK to breathe out ~~ to still have interested wolf friend send information to enquire to me, leave a message should contact means I am not answered, the wolf friend that additionally breath of post a letter gives me sees him information receive open is had to reject stranger message over there set, if the word of open does not blame me to did not share you, however I send information to give yourself rejection. What little article writes is so good, it is good to give a hearts? Have good girl later otherwise I was not shared, pron yourselves Lu gets grey flying smoke to destroy go! ! ! Tell everybody a bad news, according to reliable information, where of fabaceous beans girl had an accident, oneself also do not answer everybody temporarily leave make peace short message, include a card, thank everybody all the time support. [Hide][/ Hide][/ Hide] This card is final by Xbeck at 2017-9-1 08:47 editors7 editorsGrading records this note recentlyFair Jin of the color in colorGold coin+ 30Thank pair of edition advocate working support2017-5-18 20:37Okmijn878Gold coin+ 30Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2017-5-18 18:54